Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First real trains on Crawford Junction

After a long yesterday evening with the two sections bottom up and soldering switchmotors and track connectors. That made it possible to the first real test run of two Crawford sections today. First an overwiew from "South" or Chicago in the real world.

Ready for todays work is CB&Q 9215, a Kato NW2 with a short train.

Waiting on the interchange track is three cars from the Q

After a short trip are the cars on the interchange track for Milwaukee Road.

A short move.

And out again on it´s way back.

The dispathers office, Uhhh!

The temporary switch control.

And at last mr FredI.

And a short wiew of a pair of NW2:s, I was lucky and found a matching brother to the first on ebay.

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