Friday, August 28, 2015

A Friday in August, part 1

Some photos from a day of operation.

At first, the real simple Timetable, a few lines and numbers on a paper

Preparation, the blue tab is a reminder of cars that will be moved to other customers in Crawford.

On the staging, from left train no 52, 11 (the River Zephyr) and 301, the local freight.

First to roll, train 191, a Doodlebug that will run westwards...

At the depot

Turned  far far west ;) and renumbered to 192 at the junction.

Back at Crawford hidden by train 52, the morning school and work train

Back at the turntable

Train 301, the local freight has arrived an uncoupled some cars.

Sort out the cars for the east and west side customers.

Teamtrack at the West side of the yard.

Putting the LCL at the freighthouse. Switching place with the green which will be picked up at the return trip.

Switching the east side, "Kowal Steel Mfg", "Mars Textile" and the Scrapyard

Passing the Feed Mill that will be worked on the return.

To be continued by the afternoon session...

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