Thursday, August 11, 2011

Switch Control (part 1)

I prefer to control the switches manually and want to have the possibility to chose which (or both) side the operator works from.

I use levers of 1mm Piano wire shaped like a hook and bearings of 2mm brass tubing to transform the movement down trough the module

First step is to drill a 2mm hole next to the switch (at the same measure as the hook have)

I cut the brasstubing in pieces with my Dremel Multitool and grind it smooth

I press the tube in to the hole with my scriber.

I make small plates of scrap brass to secure the tube. One 2mm hole for the tube and one 3mm for a fastening screw.

After a secont check that the tube levels i solder the plate and tube together

(To be continued)

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