Friday, April 10, 2015

Tuesday Morning...

... in Crawford Valley, an ordinary day. The line north is closed due to work but the traffic from south are going on. We are waiting for #221, the local from Galesburg.

Early morning.

The agent are busy at Galesburg getting the cars and cards ready. Six loads and two empties for Crawford Valley

The train below the bridge. As usual the local uses track #3.

Caboose placed along the platform to minimize movement

Roadcrossing free.


First move. Pickup and change the LCL-car at the freighthouse

Brown out, red in...

"Clean" track four and five for all outbound cars and empties. Put them on track three.

Split inbound for different side of yard.


Run around and switch east side, Textile factory, Scrap Yard and Farmers Co-op. Look out when passing the roadcrossing.

Some used items to the scrapyard.

A car with Fertilizer for the farmers.

After switching the teamtrack the train is ready to return to Galesburg. Four empties and seven loaded car.

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