Friday, October 17, 2014

Basement progress

A big step forward in the basement, the Junction, a non-scenic module that make the module setup to an out and back with the Staging Yard to the end point and Crawford Valley and Hawks Plain in the loop

The location are somewhere West of Chicago between the lines to Twin City and Denver on a small  branchline sometimes used to re-route the ”big trains”

 A small corner module

The Junction with a non scenic part (grey) and the closest part that will get som landscape and a bridge as scenic divider to hide the outer part of the world.

The trains are rolling. A wiew from Mill Street.

But there are still a lot work, another corner module and to connect the loop. And a lot of maintenance after more than year not running...


  1. I like what I see.

    In the future we could have traffic games where trains on your layout leave for onward journey in my hobby room (

    1. Real nice idea :) , following operations session that connects.